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This page is meant to help stop the practice of filing chargebacks on companies who have provided a service or product. Filing chargebacks freezes funds and is a negative mark against the company that receives the chargeback. This practice must be stopped!

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Proof of Delivery or Evidence of Service Provided

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If you wish to post evidence that the chargeback was resolved, please send proof of the payment.



Offending Party: Dayshaun Edwards of Black & Natural Pageantry


Note from Tiara Connection shop online operator:

It's so disappointing that I am forced to warn others about Dayshaun Edwards and her system, Black & Natural Pageantry.  We had worked with this system in the past, and we've not had a problem; however, this year, a charge back was filed. 
This type of behavior affects all online businesses.  We should be able to operate with confidence.  If a payment has been received, and we ship goods and/or provide the service that was purchased, that should be the close of the transaction.  Unfortunately, dishonest people have found a way to cheat a system that was set up to help victims of fraud.  Chargebacks aren't meant to be filed if a customer has any concern with a product or service.  They are meant to protect buyers from sellers who do not hold up their end of the transaction or those who find fraudulent charges on their statements. 
In the case of the Black & Natural Pageantry chargeback, all items were sent and delivered according to their due dates.  There were 2 shipments.  The first contained all in stock items and the second contained the custom sashes.  The in stock items were delivered on June 5th, which was a week prior to the event.  The custom sash order was a rush order  (5 business days production + 2-3 business days ship time) .  The shipment due date would have been June 8th according to the rush purchased; however, we shipped early because the note said that the event date was June 12th.  We weren't obligated to ship early, but we didn't want to leave the director in a bind.  The custom sashes were delivered on June 8th.  The event was held on June 12th.  There are video clips of the event and crowning photos are posted on the Black & Natural Pageantry Facebook Page.
We were notified of the chargeback on June 22nd.  The reason cited in the case was :  "The buyer stated that they did not authorize this purchase".  I contacted the director right away.  She told me that she believed the custom sashes had not been received in time and filed the chargeback.  We had provided tracking and she never contacted us to see where the sashes might be, so the chargeback was uncalled for in the first place.  By the time she found the sashes, the chargeback had already been filed, but she claimed she would call her bank and cancel the dispute.  I called Paypal to let them know the dispute was being cancelled, and they told me to have her call so they could temporarily release the funds.  They did warn me that if the dispute had not actually been cancelled, that the money could be taken back.  She called in, and Paypal temporarily released the funds.  I believed that she had resolved things. 
On July 17th, we received an Update Notice that stated the money had been sent back to the buyer.  The dispute had not been cancelled with the bank.  We then contacted the director and sent an invoice so she could resubmit payment.  She apologized and said she would resend the payment as soon as she verified things with Paypal.  I sent the notice to her, and she could see that the money was returned, so there was no need to verify anything with Paypal.  She proceeded to block me from her Facebook Page and changed her messenger settings.  I let her know that I would have to let the pageant community know of the chargeback and her behavior. 
Again, it is with heavy heart that I have to take this course of action.  I value my customers so much, and there are some truly incredible directors who run their businesses with great integrity.  I am attaching proof of the chargeback.  If the payment is received, I will post an update.

Download Supplemental Evidence Here

UPDATE Sept.  5, 2017

A payment in the amount of $100 was received.

Click to view receipt.


On Sept. 16th, we agreed to a payment schedule via email.


Sept 5th:  $100 (paid)
Sept. 17th: $100
Sept. 24th:  $100
Oct 1st:  $209

UPDATE Sept.  17, 2017

A payment in the amount of $100 was received. (2 $50 E-checks cleared)


UPDATE Sept.  24, 2017

A payment in the amount of $100 was LATE

Paid - Sept. 26, 2017

Click to view receipt.

Update - Oct. 1st Payment - Missed

1 Payment of $40 received Oct. 6th

Balance + additional funds ($175) - Received Oct. 17, 2017




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